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Women showing mettle in water-wise solutions

On a national level, brilliant engineers are looking to re-engineer toilet systems that meet user expectations and use less resources.

Development of South African appropriate domesticated indicators for SDG 6a and 6b

The United Nations (UN) note that to fully implement and monitor progress on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), decision makers need data and statistics that are accurate, timely, sufficiently disaggregated, relevant, accessible and easy to use.

Emanti assists with global reporting of South African water sector status

The GLAAS update process is assisting DWS to identify reporting drivers, bottlenecks, and knowledge gaps.

Linking Flood and Drought Data to Water Safety Planning: Part 5

To take a few steps back, it is useful to provide an overview of the Water Safety Planning application in the Flood and Drought Portal.

IWA Webinar

Interpreting climate information for water utilities.

Linking Flood and Drought Data to Water Safety Planning: Part 4

Two questions remain to be answered, which include identifying those hazards and hazardous events that would be affected by ‘wetter’ or ‘drier’ conditions, and how these conclusions can be incorporated into the WSP process.

Linking Flood and Drought Data to Water Safety Planning: Part 3

One of the difficulties experienced by water utilities when using the Flood and Drought Portal is how to incorporate the datasets into their respective water safety plans.

Linking Flood and Drought Data to Water Safety Planning: Part 2

In my previous blog, I briefly introduced the Flood and Drought Portal, and indicated that the portal has tools that can be used individually or collectively to incorporate information about floods and droughts and likely climatic scenarios into planning.

Linking Flood and Drought Data to Water Safety Planning: Part 1

Floods and droughts are naturally occurring disasters, that bring with them considerable challenges.

Team Session – SYNERGY

Emanti has a unique culture and always strives to keep the team spirits up!

Further refinements to the FSM Toolbox to help address faecal sludge management (FSM) concerns

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (Gates Foundation) is working with international partners to address the global challenge of Faecal Sludge Management (FSM).

Where does all the poop go?

Helping Develop Shit/Excreta Flow Diagrams for South Africa.

SALGA Western Cape and DWS join forces to support Institutional Realignment

The MPAP forms a critical part of the Five Year Reliable Water and Sanitation Services Delivery Implementation Plans, from which funded remedial projects will emanate.

Benchmarking master classes continue to grow municipal capacity

Water Services Master Class (WSMC) 6 was held during February/March 2018 in Durban, Paarl and Bloemfontein, with 202 persons registering for WSMC 6, and 150 persons attending (excluding the MBI team).

A Non-Revenue Water Pre-Feasibility Tool for improved decision-making by Municipalities and Utilities

South Africa is ranked as the 30th driest country in the world, with extreme climate and rainfall fluctuations.

What do Municipalities want?

Benchmarking is internationally recognised as an effective means towards performance improvement…

Piloting of National Treasury MFMA Circular No. 88: Water & Sanitation PIs through the MBI and City Water Managers Forum

WSA interaction is via peer networks, and for a peer network to be successful, the WSAs must know the strategic purpose of participating. Peer networks are encouraged to start small (low hanging fruit), learn and build upon successes.

Non-Revenue Water Pre-Feasibility Tool profiled at IWA Water Loss Conference 2018

The International water Association (IWA) held their Water Loss 2018 Conference at the Century City Conference Centre in Cape Town from 7 – 9 May 2018.

Interpreting climate information for improved water safety planning by water utilities

The Flood and Drought Portal contains a data and information application, which provides near real-time satellite based data, seasonal and medium range climate forecast…

Further Refining DPME’s LGMIM to the benefit of Local Government

Emanti continues to assist the Department of Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation (DPME) with improving and refining the Local Government Management Improvement Model (LGMIM).

Reporting the status of water and sanitation in South Africa to AMCOW

Recognizing the critical role monitoring and reporting plays in rational decision-making for water and sanitation sector development, AMCOW has implemented water and sanitation…

Sharing Emanti’s Experiences with Developing, Implementing and Maintaining Water Sector Tools

The Water Research Commission (WRC) invited Emanti to participate in the 3rd Biennial WRC Symposium that was held in Johannesburg, 18-20 September 2017.

Refining Water and Sanitation Performance Indicators for Municipalities

National Treasury (NT) is driving a local government financial and budgeting reform process, and as part of this process, the City Support Programme (CSP) of National Treasury…

Energy-Electricity and Solid Waste Municipal Services Benchmarking Kick-Off Workshops

A key part of the Municipal Benchmarking Initiative (MBI) is to engage and interact with various sector champions and key stakeholders to both understand needs and challenges, and identify and share good and best practice that will benefit municipal services.

Improving Faecal Sludge Management

Emanti were invited by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to participate in a Faecal Sludge Management (FSM) workshop in Seattle, Washington, USA in early July.

Developing a Non-Revenue Water Pre-Feasibility Assessment Tool to assist Decision-Making of Appropriate Interventions

Non-Revenue Water (NRW) is a significant problem for many municipalities in South Africa, with average national NRW of approximately 39% and average per capita consumption approximately 223 litres.

Do all your staff know the risks?

Emanti has developed interactive awareness training sessions that highlight water safety planning (drinking water), wastewater risk abatement planning (waste water) and integrated risk management (water, wastewater and sanitation). This very simple yet effective awareness training tool allows a group of people to see how the activities of different water sector related stakeholders or groups affect the water cycle and the…

Initiating Benchmarking of Other Municipal Services – Electricity/Energy and Solid Waste Status Quo Assessments

Municipalities in South Africa are mandated to provide a range of services that promote social and economic development and that ensure adequate environmental protection to communities.

Another Round of successful MBI Water Services Master Classes!

The fifth round of Water Services Master Classes (WSMCs) was held during March 2017 in Durban, Bloemfontein and Cape Town…

Sanitation Safety Planning for Safe Use of Wastewater in Agriculture – Interactive Learning Activity at World Water Day Durban

A Sanitation Safety Planning (SSP) thematic session was held at the World Water Day Summit in Durban, South Africa on 22nd March 2017.

Call for Participation: Performance Improvement in the Water Services Sector Master Class-: 01- 02 March 2017, Durban

The Municipal Benchmarking Initiative (MBI, including the South African Local Government Association (SALGA) and the Water Research Commission (WRC), and in partnership with eThekwini Municipality’s Water and Sanitation…

Emanti invited to participate in WHO Global Water Safety Planning Trainer of Trainers Event

Philip de Souza from Emanti was invited by the World Health Organization (WHO) to participate in the Global Water Safety Planning (WSP) Trainer of Trainers Event held in Thika, Kenya from 23 – 27 January 2017.

Enhancing Water Safety and Security Planning in Uganda

Emanti has been appointed by the Ministry of Water and Environment (MWE) of Uganda to assist in developing a national framework for water quality management and regulation in Uganda.

Emanti continues to assist City of Cape Town Water Safety Planning

In addition to previously assisting City of Cape Town with water safety planning for the Bulk Faure and Steenbras Water Treatment Works and associated Reticulation, Emanti has recently been awarded the Water Safety Planning for the Bulk Conveyance.

Assessing Wastewater Treatment Works for the Department of Public Works

Emanti has teamed up with the Entsika Water Group consortium for a Department of Public Works project aimed at improving the Green Drop Status of 82 wastewater treatment works around South Africa.

Tirelo Bosha Public Service Improvement Facility: Enhancing MBI Sustainability

In many ways, the Municipal Benchmarking Initiative (MBI) is a “change management process” as it requires municipalities to both think and act differently.

KINGFISHER: A South African/Dutch initiative improving IWRM through strengthening municipal water and sanitation services

South Africa is ranked as the 30th driest country in the world. Management of South Africa’s water resources involves catchment and river systems management, water storage, water abstraction, and return flow management.

DPME’s web-enabled LGMIM goes live!

The Department of Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation (DPME) developed the Local Government Management Improvement Model (LGMIM) tool to measure/benchmark the institutional performance of municipalities across a number of six key performance areas, namely…

Liberia Water Safety Planning Training

Water provision (i.e. access to water) in Liberia has progressed well to meet the MDGs. Despite this progress, to-date, Liberia has never conducted water safety planning (WSP).

Further enhancing our capacity to perform

Emanti Management has assisted Serieka’s further education by supporting her in completing a certificate in Executive Financial Secretary studies at Boston City Campus, Somerset West.

Business Process Re-engineering

Emanti is in a process of Business Process Re-engineering, i.e. tidying up on our various business processes and efficiencies through a thorough rethinking of all business processes, job definitions, management systems, organisational structure, work flow, and underlying assumptions and beliefs.

Improving alignment and co-ordination amongst government departments/initiatives to enhance performance measurement

Despite the Department of Water and Sanitation (DWS) making good progress with monitoring and evaluating Water Services Authorities (WSAs) status and performance, the DWS does not currently have a core set of Performance Indicators…

Enhancing Emanti’s Mine Water Knowledge

Emanti was recently appointed by the WRC to develop a web-enabled mine water management vulnerability assessment tool and as part of this initiative, we felt it’s important to sharpen our mine water skills.

Securing the pathway to safe drinking water and sanitation

Emanti was well represented at the IWA Global Water Safety Conference and Exhibition held from 25 – 29 April 2016 in Puerto Princessa City, Palawan, Philippines.

2016 brings renewed efforts towards Uthukela and Uthungulu’s Water Safety Plans

Emanti Management has intensified efforts in supporting the development of Water Safety Plans (WSP) in Uthukela and Uthungulu, as part of the Department of Science and Technology’s WSP project.

On-going Facilitation of Water Safety Planning for City of Cape Town

Emanti was appointed by City of Cape Town (CoCT) to facilitate Water Safety Plan development for two bulk water supply schemes, namely: Faure (CoCTs largest water treatment facility) and Steenbras.

MBI National Report Launch – Measure, Analyse, Review, Adjust, Repeat!

The new National Municipal Benchmarking Initiative (MBI) Report was launched at a prestigious event at Emperors Palace, Kempton Park on 4th March 2016.

National Water Week

National Water Week is an awareness campaign by the Department of Water and Sanitation which is a powerful campaign that re-iterates the value of water…

Helping Industry Improve Their Water Use Efficiency

In the latter half of 2015 Emanti was appointed by Mercedes Benz South Africa (MBSA) to conduct a Water Assessment and Gap Analysis of their East London vehicle assembly plant.

Water and Power – Essential for Growth

Mulilo Thermal Project Developments (Pty) Ltd (Mulilo) and its partner, Uniper Kraftwerke GmbH (Uniper) is proposing to develop electricity from Gas-to-Power (GTP) projects in Saldanha Bay, referred to as the Uyekraal GTP (UGTP) Development.

Web-enabling DPME’s LGMIM tool

The Department of Monitoring and Evaluation (DPME) required a service provider to assist with web-enabling their Local Government Management Improvement Model (LGMIM).

Water Safety Planning (WSP) and Sanitation Safety Planning (SSP): How is Africa doing?

Using available literature and information gathered from the East and West African WSP/SSP Sensitization Workshops held in Kenya and Ghana in September/October 2016…

MuSSA 2015 successfully completed!

The latest round of the Municipal Strategic Self-Assessment (MuSSA) has been completed and the team are analysing data and developing associated provincial and national reports.

14 out of 14 for Northern Cape MPAPs

Critical analysis of the progress made with MuSSA over the last 3 years has shown that many municipal water services entities are often taxed to positively harness the outcomes of the MuSSA, and a risk exists that below par performance will continue despite the exercise.

Setting the Enabling Environment for Water Safety Planning

Philip de Souza was invited by the IWA to participate in and contribute to the IWA Water and Development Congress and Exhibition held at the Dead Sea in Jordan from 18 – 22 October 2015.

Expanding Water Safety Planning in Africa

Water Safety Plans (WSPs) are widely recognized as the most reliable and effective way to consistently manage drinking water supplies to safeguard public health.

Unathi Jack of Emanti wins at WRC Knowledge Tree Awards 2015

The Water Research Commission (WRC) hosted the Research, Development and Innovation Symposium and Water-tech Summit, its global conference, at the Birchwood Hotel, Boksburg, from September 16 to 18.

Women in Water “Amakhosazana Amanzi”

Ms Unathi Jack has been recognised by the WRC for her achievements in the field of Water and Wastewater Engineering.

Water Safety Planning for City of Cape Town

Emanti to develop site specific Water Safety Plans for some City of Cape Town Water Supply Schemes. 

Am I aware of my system emergencies?

Emanti has been conducting a project for capacitating small community water systems on the health and safety of the water services (emergencies).

DWS Graduate Trainee Joins Emanti’s Team

Ms Rivonia Pillay recently joined Emanti as part of a DWS secondment and will be working with us for the next several months.

Quantify Your Vulnerability

Emanti aims to develop a web based mine water management vulnerability assessment tool to determine areas of vulnerability and adherence to water use licence requirements.

Safe Drinking Water our big concern

An article about Emanti Management was recently published in the Eikestadnuus, the local Stellenbosch newspaper.

New paper-based W2RAP template

No computers at remote wastewater treatment facilities? No problem, the WRC W2RAP template will help you! 

Municipal Benchmarking continues to gain momentum

Water Services Master Class 4 shows that Municipal Benchmarking continues to gain momentum

Water Services Master Class (WSMC) 4 was hosted February and March 2015 in Durban, Bloemfontein and Stellenbosch, and attended by 126 persons (excluding the MBI team). 

Prioritising Water Services Actions via Municipal Priority Action Plans

Many municipal water services entities are often taxed to positively harness the outcomes of the Municipal Strategic Self-Assessment (MuSSA), and a risk exists that below par performance will continue despite the exercise.

Emanti Moves to New Offices

Block A, 1st floor, Unit 8, Octo Place, Elektron Street

New Pioneer – Groen Sebenza: 3rd National Induction

Sisanda Booi, an intern at Emanti, attended the Groen Sebenza 3rd National Induction held on the 4th to 6th November 2014 at the Birchwood Hotel in Boksburg, Gauteng.

Supporting Improved Water Services Management Efficiency in the Eastern Cape via Municipal Priority Action Plans

South Africa’s Department of Water and Sanitation (DWS) facilitates an annual process across all 152 municipal Water Services Authorities (WSAs) of establishing the baseline vulnerabilities affecting water services performance…

Growing water and wastewater risk management capacity at District Municipalities

The Department of Science and Technology has appointed Emanti to assist in capacitating District Municipalities (DM) of KwaZulu Natal and Eastern Cape…

What Wastewater Technology is right for me?

Emanti has been awarded an 18-month Water Research Commission project to develop a spreadsheet-and web-based wastewater technology decision-support tool to assist with determining the most appropriate technology for a particular circumstance.

Assisting the Presidency with Improving Local Government Management

Emanti were appointed by DPME to develop an Excel-based LGMIM tool which provides a consolidated view of a municipality’s performance across several critical key performance areas.  

Enhancing Wastewater Risk Management at Small Municipalities

Management of wastewater risks by municipalities is essential for securing human health and long term sustainability of natural resources.

Emanti Celebrates Mandela Day

In the spirit of honouring Madiba, Emanti in collaboration with Siyazama C&P Contractors devoted 67 minutes to cleaning a section of the Plankenberg River in Khayamandi, Stellenbosch. 

Assisting West African Utilities with implementing water safety planning

The International Water Association (IWA) appointed Emanti to assist in the support of Water Safety Plan (WSP) implementation in six West African countries. This compliments the existing IWA programme to support WSP implementation in East-Africa. 

IWA Water Safety Planning Training of Trainers

Emanti Management was appointed by the International Water Association to conduct a Training of Trainer (TOT) on Water Safety Planning in Ghana on the 3rd and 4th of June.

Invitation to visit Bavaria

Unathi Jack of Emanti Management received an invitation from Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) to attend a 5 day seminar.

Emanti innovations showcased at WISA 2014

Mpumalanga province played host to the 2014 Water Institute of Southern Africa (WISA) Biennial Conference held at the Mbombela Stadium from 25 – 29 May 2014.

Shawn Moorgas to represent Africa at 2014 Incheon World Wheelchair Basketball Championships

In July 2014, The Republic of Korea will play host to the 2014 World Wheelchair Basketball Championships in Incheon, with 16 countries participating.

Integration of Business Intelligence into National Water Services Master Planning

Water Services Master Plans underpin the Water Services Development Plans (WSDPs) and as such must address all the topics of the WSDP.

Enhancing Peer Learning – Water Services Master Classes #3

The Water Services Master Classes (WSMCs) form an integral part of the Municipal Benchmarking Initiative (MBI), and have been a very successful platform for peer learning and establishment of peer networks amongst municipalities.

Helping Municipalities with sustainable water safety planning

Emanti Management was appointed by SALGA to assist with the facilitation and development of Water Safety Plans for two of the SALGA member municipalities namely; Hessequa and Kannaland Municipality.

Making wastewater risk abatement planning easier – Piloting of web-based WRC W2RAP Tools

The development and introduction of appropriate tools to guide these activities will contribute significantly to ensuring that appropriate wastewater risk abatement planning is occurring in South Africa.

RiskQ Tool Launched to Help You Identify your Vulnerabilities and Risks

A vulnerability/risk assessment is a step by step evaluation that aims to identify vulnerabilities/risks and, the ability to reduce these vulnerabilities/risks through corrective actions.

Identifying Vulnerabilities and Prioritizing Actions – MuSSA and MPAP for Gauteng

Through the tracking of current and likely future performance, the key areas of vulnerability identified, allow municipalities to effectively plan and direct appropriate resources that will also enable DWA and the sector to provide more effective support.

Journey of Water

A group of celebrities, the media and other partners including Emanti, joined Sanlam and the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) on a 4-day journey of water from the Boland Mountains into Cape Town.

Draft WRC W2RAP tools piloted

The first round of piloting of the WRC W2RAP tools was recently completed at 3 municipalities.

2013 Blue Water Service Audits- Lead Inspector

Emanti recently attended the 2013 Blue Water Service Audits training sessions which were held on the 7th to the 9th October 2013.

Municipal Benchmarking Initiative on right path

All municipalities were invited to attend the National Municipal Benchmarking Initiative (MBI) Annual Workshop which was held in Port Elizabeth on the 21st and 22nd of October 2013.

Emanti showcased at IWA Development Congress

The 3rd IWA Development Congress and Exhibition was held in Nairobi 14-17 October 2013. The conference was very well attended with Unathi Jack and Philip de Souza from Emanti attending and showcasing a number of projects and initiatives.

Improving water services – How to prioritize what needs to get done

In order to support good and effective decision making, primarily at the local government level and yet also to support alignment with other regional and national role-players, South Africa’s Department of Water Affairs (DWA)…

WRC Symposium: Local Solutions with Global Impact

Emanti was amongst institutions and companies invited by the Water Research Commission (WRC) to showcase the projects funded by the WRC at their recent symposium held at the CSIR Convention Centre.

Wrapped up in confusion about W2RAPs? The solution is on its way…

The focus of the W2RAP process is on spurring internal performance improvement, through an emphasis on regular performance measurement and better information to inform management decision-making.

How are our municipalities performing?

The Office of the Presidency has approached Emanti to assist in the development of a Municipal Assessment Tool (MAT) which will be used to determine the performance of municipalities across a range of key performance areas…

Interns getting their hands dirty for water safety

Emanti’s four Groen Sebenza interns recently assisted Kannaland Municipality and Hessequa Municipality with water safety planning.

South Africa’s Vulnerability Assessment Tool praised at Stockholm World Water Week

Stockholm World Water Week is an annual event hosted and organised by the Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI) and focuses on addressing global water issues, with the 2013 theme being Water Cooperation: Building Partnerships.

Emergency Response Plans – Planning for the Unforeseen

A Water Research Commission (WRC) project which aims at developing Emergency Response Plans (ERPs) for rural community water supplies emanated through a realisation of a need to equip rural communities to effectively manage their water services.

Emanti retains B-BBEE Level ONE

Emanti is a proudly Level ONE Contributor to B-BBEE.

Emanti team grows from strength to strength

Overview of the Groen Sebenza Programme.

Ensuring on-going staff skills development

Emanti supports effective skills development through guiding the professional development of young professionals.

Committed to Excellent Water Quality

Emanti showcased some of the tools developed through Water Research Commission (WRC) projects at the recent 4th Municipal Water Quality Conference held in Sun City, North West Province.

IMESA Pre-Conference Workshop

The workshop will form part of the pre-conference activities of the IMESA 2013 Conference.

The Cost of Municipal Services

The Municipal Benchmarking Initiative (MBI) aims to assist local government practitioners through learning and sharing experiences and practices to improve performance and achieve targets.

Cities Mobilised for Performance Improvement

As part of the Municipal Benchmarking Initiative (MBI), City Working Groups (CWGs) have been established to structure peer learning among the nine cities (the eight metros plus Msunduzi Local Municipality).

Empowering Water Care Personnel

The Forum was arranged by the Water Institute of Southern Africa (WISA), the Department of Water Affairs (DWA), the South African Local Government Association (SALGA) and Overberg water (Strategic Partner) and drew some 50 participants from across the Western Cape.

Benchmarking: Getting Started on Munibench

The aim of the Munibench system is to…

Blue Drop, Green Drop and RPMS support

Emanti has been appointed by Cederberg Municipality to provide assistance to their Blue Drop, Green Drop and Regulatory Performance Measurement System (RPMS) programmes…

WSP and W2RAP Appointment- UThungulu DM

Emanti to facilitate and co-ordinate the drafting of both the Water Safety Plan (WSP) and Wastewater Risk Abatement Plan (W2RAP) for the Uthungulu District Municipality.

Municipal Priority Action Plans (MPAP) KwaZulu-Natal

Through both the National and KwaZulu Natal Regional Department of Water Affairs offices, Emanti is rolling out Municipal Priority Action Plans (MPAPs) to 8 WSAs.

Municipal Benchmarking Initiative: Cities Working Group

Following on from the Water Services Master Class has been the establishment of the Municipal Benchmarking Initiative (MBI) peer based learning for the nine cities of South Africa.

New Water Services Tools and Guidelines on the Way!

Water Research Commission Projects Awarded: New Water Services Tools and Guidelines on the Way!

Water Safety Conference: Uganda

The programme included presentations on a variety of water safety aspects from household water treatment technologies to the latest developments in water quality regulation.

76th IMESA Conference

Emanti Management:  Showcase of Services at the IMESA Conference 2012.

Water Services Master Class (WSMC)

Establishment of peer groups and networks within the Municipal Benchmarking Initiative (MBI) has been facilitated through the establishment of the very successful development Water Services Master Classes and associated Cities Working Groups.

Closing the Gaps and Meeting Needs: IWA Water Safety Planning Specialist Group

Recognizing the rapid worldwide use and dissemination of risk assessment and risk management methodologies for water supply systems, the IWA formed the Water Safety Planning Specialist Group (WSP SG) in September 2011.

Emanti achieves Level 1 BEE rating

Emanti Management (Pty) Ltd (hereinafter referred to as “Emanti”) has improved its Level 3 B-BBEE rating for the year of 2011 to an outstanding Level 1 B-BBEE.

Blue Drop Support for Municipalities

Emanti Management is proud of the acknowledgement given by the Msunduzi Municipality in attaining the Blue Drop Silver Award at the DWA Blue Drop Awards …

Emanti assists municipalities to attain Blue Drops

Department of Water Affairs Minister, Edna Molewa, announced the results of the 2012 Blue Drop Certification Programme at the WISA conference on Monday, 7 May 2012.

Participation in WISA 2012

The conference was attended by approximately 600 water and wastewater professionals from South Africa and abroad.

KwaZulu Natal Municipalities Water Safety Planning on the rise

Subsequent to the profiling of the Water Safety Plans (WSP) within the third addition of the WHO Guidelines for Drinking Water Quality (2004) …

Facilitating Wastewater Risk Abatement Plan development and implementation in KwaZulu Natal

The publication of the Department of Water’s (DWA) Green Drop Certification (GDC) results highlighted that wastewater treatment remains a challenge for many Water Services Institutions (WSI). A critical part of the GDC process is the need to develop and implement Waste Water Risk Abatement Plans (W2RAPs).

Ensuring Sustainable Rural Communities

A CSIR-led multi-disciplinary team is aiming to find an Effective Rural Community Integrated Sustainable Development Implementation Model. 

Improving Peer Learning through MILE

Municipal Benchmarking Initiative: Water Services Master Class #1 – Blue Drop, Green Drop and Water Loss Management.

UN World Water Day 2012

World Water Day was declared an international day in 1992 by the United Nations General Assembly and was first celebrated in 1993.

National Municipal Benchmarking Initiative for Water Services

The National Municipal Benchmarking Initiative (MBI) for Water Services was re-launched during 2011 by SALGA and WRC. The primary objective of the initiative is to support improved municipal water services provision through benchmarking. 

International Water Week Amsterdam

Emanti’s Grant Mackintosh and Philip de Souza attended the recent International Water Week (IWW) held in Amsterdam, Netherlands from 29th October to 4th November 2011.

SALGA/WRC Municipal Benchmarking Initiative: Launch Workshop

A National Municipal Benchmarking Initiative (MBI) workshop was held on the 25th of October 2011 before the 75th IMESA Conference 2011, held at Birchwood, Johannesburg.


The Emanti Team attended the 75th IMESA Conference which was held from the 26 to 28th October, 2011 in Birchwood, Johannesburg.

Water Safety Plan in Afrikaans

Owing to the great success and strong demand for the Water Research Commission’s web-based Water Safety Plan tool…

WRC 40th Anniversary Celebration Conference

At the recent WRC 40th anniversary celebrations, Unathi Jack was given the honour of proposing toast at the prestigious celebratory conference dinner.

EMANTI: Municipal Assistance with Blue Drop Pays Off

The report for the Department of Water Affairs (DWA) Blue Drop Certification programme was released on Thursday, 30 June 2011.

Emanti Participates in Matchmaking Session with Dutch UN World Water Day Delegates

The main objective of the South African Netherlands Chamber of Commerce (SANEC) is to stimulate business links between Southern Africa and the Netherlands.

World Water Monitoring Day initiative at the Anna Foundation Centre in Franschhoek

On Tuesday, 22nd March, Emanti Management in collaboration with the Water Institute of Southern Africa (WISA) 2012 Local Organizing Committee organized a World Water Monitoring Day event for the scholars at the Anna Foundation Centre in Franschhoek.

Global UN Water Week Event – Conference

On Tuesday, 22nd March, Thabisa Manxodidi and Aimée Sutherland attended the main event which included a panel discussion with the Hon.

Fixing the Leaks in Urban Areas – The South African Experiences

On Sunday,20th March Philip de Souza from Emanti Management attended a session on water conservation and demand management, with focus on the water loss challenges South Africa municipalities are facing and highlighting how these problems have been tackled.

UN World Water Day 2011 – Water for Cities

Cape Town (South Africa) were the proud hosts of the United Nations World Water Day event held from 20-22 March 2011, and co-organized by AMCOW (the African Ministers’ Council on Water), UN-HABITAT and UN-Water.

Complete your MuSSA on-line!

Water Services Authorities will be pleased to hear that the Municipal Strategic Self-Assessment has now been web-enabled via the eWQMS.

Are my water assets vulnerable?

Have you ever conducted a vulnerability assessment to see what the biggest threats are to your water infrastructure?

Water Safety Planning made easy through the eWQMS!

In 2008 the Department of Water Affairs (DWA) introduced an incentive-based regulatory programme, Blue Drop Certification (BDC). An integral part of BDC is the development of Water Safety Plans (WSPs).

World Water Monitoring Day – Masiphumelele

Emanti Management kicked off their World Water Monitoring Programme for 2011 at Masiphumelele Library in the informal settlement of Masipumelele (near Kommetjie) outside Cape Town, South Africa, 29th January 2011.

eMWAP, the electronic Mobile Water Application – Enhancing Water & Environmental Health Management.

Effective water quality management in both rural and non-rural areas is crucial to public health and environmental well being.

Emanti team intensifies WSA training and support

As part of the national Department of Water Affairs’ “Ensuring the Sustainable use of eWQMS for WSAs”  project, the eWQMS provincial team leaders have increased their support in assisting municipalities in the improved use of the eWQMS and raising awareness of the various WSA oriented tools located on eWQMS…

Better Water Supply at the click of a mouse

The Water Research Commission (WRC) has teamed up with Emanti Management, developers of the international award-winning Electronic Water Quality Management System (eWQMS), to incorporate water safe plan guidelines into this system.

Word Water Monitoring Day Event 2011 – Masi Water Day

The Emanti Team will be kicking of their WWMD programme for 2011 the 29th Jan 2011 at Masi (Masiphumelele Township on Kommetjie Road).

New Municipal Strategic Self-Assessment of Water Services (MuSSA) Launched

Since 2005, Department of Water affairs (DWA): Water Services – Planning and Information has also conducted a “Strategic Gap Analysis of Water Services” survey (also known as the “Strategic Self-Assessment (SSA)” survey) at all WSAs in South Africa.

Emanti WWMD Activities to be featured in Annual Review 2010

Emanti became an active WWMD partner during 2010, distributing WWMD kits to more than 377 scholars! This was made possible by joining forces with Stellenbosch Local Municipality in the Western Cape province, South Africa.

eWQMS User Management Upgraded

In the last 3 months, the eWQMS team have compiled and refined an extensive register of current eWQMS users and have populated the eWQMS with this information. On 1st December 2010, improved user management was implemented.

eWQMS Provides Blue Drop Certified Data

In order to address Blue Drop Regulatory certified data and associated data audit trail requirements, the eWQMS team, in close consultation and collaboration with Department of Water Affairs (DWA), has introduced a number of improvements to eWQMS functionality.

eWQMS Team Receive BDS Training

On the 25th November 2010, the eWQMS team was trained by Mr. Wessel Steyn of Department of Water Affairs (DWA) in the use of the Department’s Drinking Water Regulation system, i.e. the Blue Drop System (BDS).

Water Safety Conference – Kuching, Malaysia

Philip de Souza from Emanti attended the recent Water Safety Conference held in Kuching, Malaysia from 2 – 4 November 2010.

IMESA 2010 Emanti Participation

The Institute for Municipal Engineers of South Africa held the yearly conference in East London from the 26th October 2010 to the 29th October 2010.

The Water Cycle – promoting WWMD

The Emanti Team got their hands and feet wet (yet again) together with other “South African Young Water Professionals” at two schools in the Franshhoek area participating in World Water Monitoring Day.

Emanti will be at the 74th Annual IMESA Conference and Exhibition

The Emanti Team will be attending the annual IMESA conference to be held 27th – 29th October 2010 in East London, South Africa.

World Water Monitoring Day – Stellenbosch Schools

Emanti Management, together with Stellenbosch Municipality, has been organizing WWMD events in the greater Stellenbosch area, already reaching more than a 1000 scholars, creating awareness around the importance of water quality and environmental protection.

Emanti at World Water Week

Grant Mackintosh from Emanti attended World Water Week held from 5 – 11 September 2010 in Stockholm, Sweden.

Emanti at the Techneau Training Seminar on Risk Management

Philip de Souza participated in the Techneau Project arranged Training Seminar on Risk Management of Drinking Water Systems in Southern Africa held at the Water Research Commission in Pretoria from 18th – 19th October 2010.

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