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Municipal Services Performance Improvement

Emanti supports all of its municipal services sector engagement with an underlying philosophy of seeking to guide improved performance and skills development.

This includes (i) the development and use of carefully crafted strategic self-assessments (a business health check / gap analysis approach) which guide practitioner adherence to best practice, (ii) metric benchmarking techniques, using sector and internationally aligned performance indicators, and (iii) process benchmarking techniques, which harness peer based learning processes. A well-recognised track record of such exists, most notably across the water and sanitation, waste management, electricity and enterprise development domains.

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The MBI is a SALGA flag-ship initiative aimed at supporting municipalities towards improved and more efficient service delivery.


A vulnerability/risk assessment is a step by step evaluation that aims to identify vulnerabilities/risks and, the ability to reduce these vulnerabilities/risks through corrective actions.


MuSSA Municipal Strategic Self-Assessment (MuSSA)
The challenges faced by South Africa in terms of providing sustainable, effective, and efficient municipal water services provision during a period of economic and population growth, urbanisation, environmental challenges, lack of skilled personnel, and inappropriate use of funds are challenges common to most of the developing world.


The quality of management and work place capabilities matter if organizations want to improve their performance, particularly in terms of productivity and quality of services. In order for local government to be efficient, effective, responsive and developmental, it needs essential capabilities and capacity.

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