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Team Session – SYNERGY

Emanti has a unique culture and always strives to keep the team spirits up!

On the 9th of November 2017, with the support from Niël Stienmann we had a SYNERGY session and explored through various principles to strengthen different facets that need to be in tact to keep a brilliant team strong and passionate.

The principles that we explored:
• Territorial Harmony
• Dedication of Individual Strengths
• Rituals to strengthen the pack
• Team Maintenance
• Sense of Purpose
• Trusting Relationships

The team left motivated to keep going in excellence through the Christmas 2017 holiday period. This was followed up again the 11th of April 2018 specifically focussing on unlocking ‘Territorial Harmony’ which gives confidence and a homeground advantage

Mandela Day 2014

In the spirit of honouring Madiba, Emanti in collaboration with Siyazama C&P Contractors devoted 67 minutes to cleaning a section of the Plankenberg River in Khayamandi, Stellenbosch. Close to 20 bags of garbage was collected along a section of approximately 150 m of river bank, emphasising the state of the environment and the urgent need for everybody to contribute in ensuring clean rivers.

DWA Blue Drop Awards 2012

Emanti Management has successfully assisted a number of municipalities with their Blue Drop Certification Programmes.


Photo’s from the workshop and stand at the 75th IMESA Conference.

Emanti's New Offices

Emanti’s new modern office.

WWMD 2010

WWMD events that Emanti Managment organized and hosted in 2010.

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