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about us

Who we are

Emanti Management (Pty) Ltd was founded by a team of capable professionals with significant sector experience and technical expertise that enables the team to tackle today’s complex water and environmental challenges, and develop water, sanitation and hygiene solutions for South Africa and beyond.

Where It All Began

Realising the need for a service that could provide effective solutions to the issues that faced many public and private sector clients with regards to water and environmental management responsibilities, a small group of highly experienced professionals joined forces in 2003. Piloted by Grant Mackintosh (a skilled projects manager and water utilization engineer with many years of research and development in the South African water sector) the business as it stands today consists of young and dynamic broad-based Black Economic Empowerment individuals committed to excellence in their spheres of expertise.

Our Vision

Emanti Management aims to be the preferred partner in the application of environmental management technologies for the improved utilisation, protection and management of our water resources, water services and the natural environment. Our philosophy is based on a commitment to always exceed customer expectations via our firm commitment to develop excellence in our people.

Our Mission

We aim to achieve the highest standards of service by developing quality skills in our own people. As a young BEE oriented Water and Environmental Engineering Services Company, Emanti Management is committed to the development, encouragement and empowerment of its personnel, such that our collective mission of becoming the market leaders for environmental risk management is achieved.

Company Overview

Through our commitment to excellence, Emanti continues to develop and consistently improve water and environmental processes, systems and products – delivering sustainable solutions that address corporate and personal environmental responsibility. With our solid reputation in water engineering and environmental management solutions, we strive to improve the utilisation, protection and management of water resources and the environment.

We pride ourselves in our innovation and invention, and always look to find ways to simplify complex issues into easily accessible and user-friendly processes, tools and systems that both grow user knowledge and help get the job done. Emanti has received numerous awards for the development and implementation of ground-breaking technical solutions, processes and spreadsheet/web-based tools that empower businesses.

We have solutions to address the following (and more) questions:
• Does your water quality meet required standards?
• Do you have enough water to meet demand?
• Are your water resources protected from pollution?
• Are your water and wastewater treatment technologies robust and appropriate?
• Is your sanitation value chain well managed?
• Have you crafted and implemented water & wastewater risk based management plans?
• Does your wastewater negatively impact on people or the environment?
• Is it waste, or is it a resource?
• Have you identified key water and environmental issues affecting your business?
• Have you developed and implemented action plans to address issues?
• Do you regularly measure and evaluate your performance?
• Are your processes and procedures effective and efficient?
• Do your systems and tools help you manage and optimise performance?
• Are you using limited resources effectively?
• Are your processes and systems resilient to climate change?
• Are you ready for the new norm?

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