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Management Of Water Service Delivery

Emanti has developed a well-recognised best practice specialist core service to support the delivery of water and sanitation services.

The approach used is based on a consultative auditing process, in which Emanti staff work with the client to design appropriate monitoring programmes, collect samples, interpret data against both legislated and operational efficiency requirements, carry out comprehensive risk profiles on systems, and act as honest brokers in assisting the Client with the necessary steps to manage the associated risks. The reporting and management guidance process is supported by the use of both, (i) easy to interpret summary assessments, and (ii) user-friendly web-based database systems. This process ensures good environmental governance, proactively manages risks, and assists in achieving good cooperative governance in a financially sound manner.

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A vulnerability/risk assessment is a step by step evaluation that aims to identify vulnerabilities/risks and, the ability to reduce these vulnerabilities/risks through corrective actions.

Water Safety Planning

Water Safety Plans (WSPs) have become an integral part of water risk assessment and management within Water Services Institutions (WSIs) subsequent to the profiling of the WSPs within the third addition of the WHO Guidelines for Drinking Water Quality (2004) and inclusion into the South African Blue Drop (BD) Certification programme.

Wastewater Risk Abatement Planning

Meeting the standards for wastewater effluent for most Water Services Institutions (WSIs) remains a complicated challenge, one which has been further highlighted through the Department of Water and Sanitation’s (DWS) Green Drop Certification (GDC) Process.


The health of the environment, and the associated human and natural communities, is significantly influenced by water quality.

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