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The nature of our services comprises technical, institutional, business, process, strategic and management inputs.

Proactive solutions for both public and private sector

Emanti is an expanding broad-based black economic empowerment (B-BBEE) water and environmental engineering company. Our focus lies in proactively assisting both the public and private sector in finding effective solutions to the water and environmental management responsibilities they face in their daily operations.

Our organization offers a consistent level of top quality service and unique personal attention from our well balanced team of highly skilled professionals. Using sector approved management tools we provide holistic and effective water and environmental management solutions – putting our clients in control.

Innovation and dedication

The Emanti team is a well-balanced, well-resourced and capable team with excellent complimentary skills, and with an intimate awareness of the current water, environmental and municipal/local government challenges faced by many countries across the globe. Key success factors of the Emanti team include our innovation, flexibility, dedication, inter-personal relations and strong project management skills. Importantly, our team provides for the mentoring and induction of your staff across all aspects of our projects by imbedding this into the project approach and methodology.

Emanti has successfully developed and implemented ground-breaking technical solutions, processes and spreadsheet/web-based tools that are widely used by utilities, municipalities and other sector stakeholders in South Africa and beyond, and have been recognized both nationally and internationally for the development of such tools and processes, having received numerous awards (e.g. IWA Innovation Award, NSTF Award).

Flexible tools

Importantly, although our tools have largely been developed for the water and local government sector, they are flexible in nature, and can easily be adapted to suit the needs of your particular sector/industry. All we need is your knowledge to help us define your requirements. Once a refined tool is operational, our team can help you with data management and ensuring tool outputs are meeting your needs and helping you improve and grow your organization.

Data analysis expertise

The Emanti team is the lead service provider of a number of data analysis initiatives, and as such is responsible for: (1) Data gathering/collation, (2) Data checking and verification, (3) Data analysis and generation of outputs (e.g. scorecards, feedback reports), and (4) Development of rolled up strategic views and reports to help determine appropriate way forward strategies (e.g. national benchmarking report, MuSSA National and Provincial reports).


Emanti has developed a well-recognised best practice specialist core service to support the delivery of water and sanitation services.


Emanti supports all of its municipal services sector engagement with an underlying philosophy of seeking to guide improved performance and skills development.


Specialist civil and environmental engineering services include: (i) water treatment process engineering, (ii) liquid-waste management, (iii) corrosion mitigation, (iv) river health management, and (v) municipal infrastructure engineering.


Emanti have well developed project management and management consulting skills, and have very successfully project managed both public and private sector projects; and in particular specialise in managing diverse, specialist teams in South Africa and Internationally.

Ensuring success: key features of the Emanti approach

    • Developing web- and spreadsheet-based tools to improve organization management and performance
    • Conducting national surveys (e.g. of municipalities/utilities)
    • Conducting vulnerability and risk assessments and developing associated priority action/improvement plans to reduce vulnerabilities/risks
    • Gathering, collating, verifying and analyzing data and information with development of associated business intelligence outputs, strategic insight, and way forward strategies for improved performance
    • Leading metric and process benchmarking skills including formulating, developing and implementing performance indicators; data collection, checking, verification and analysis; reporting at different levels; organizing, developing content/materials, and facilitating peer based meetings, workshops and conferences
    • Strategic planning of water services, use of geographic information system outputs, cost benefit analysis, status quo assessments, system analysis, operation and maintenance of water services, asset management
    • Developing water services related plans (e.g. water safety plans, wastewater risk abatement plans, water services development plans)
    • Development and implementation of management and operational protocols and tools
    • Participating in assessments/audits of water, wastewater and sanitation systems (e.g. Blue Drop/Green Drop Certification, water safety plan audits, excreta flow diagrams)
    • Developing water and environmental services related policies, procedures, protocols (e.g. municipal water by-laws)
    • Monitoring and management of drinking-water quality, river water quality and wastewater quality (and its impact on the environment) at a local government and provincial government level.
    • Hosting and operating web-based information management systems.
    • Developing and providing technical capacity building, and supporting awareness campaigns (to both technical staff and the public).
    • Research, Development and Implementation of appropriate and sustainable water/wastewater treatment and quality management technologies, tools and protocols.
    • Preparation of training courses on water/wastewater/sanitation services.
    • Design and tender documentation, contract supervision, project administration and management.

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