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New Water Services Tools and Guidelines on the Way!

Great news from the Water Research Commission (WRC)! Emanti has been awarded two projects (due to commence April 2013), as follows:
Water Safety And Security: Emergency Response Plans

  • This project aims to assist rural municipalities (who often have less formal and unstructured water systems) with water safety and security. This includes use of a comprehensive risk and vulnerability assessment and management approach encompassing all water services activities, the development and implementation of emergency response plans, appropriate water quality monitoring and management to ensure program effectiveness, knowledge dissemination and training of community water services.

Development of Web-enabled (and Supportive Spreadsheet-based) Wastewater Risk Abatement Planning Tools

  • This project builds upon the successful web-enablement of Water Safety Planning (WSP) tools. The Department of Water Affairs (DWA) Green Drop Certification requirements include the need for development and implementation of a Wastewater Risk Abatement Plan (W2RAP). WRC and Emanti saw the need to create spreadsheet- and web-based tools that can be used by the sector to assist with W2RAP development and implementation. Web-based reporting systems and automatically generated risk assessment reports offer cost saving, time saving, reliability advantages and the potential for enhanced management oversight. A key benefit is also the development of a national database of wastewater hazardous events, and therefore WSAs have access to a supported database where their peers and dedicated professionals share common experiences and challenges.

We are excited to continue our tradition of developing products which are of use to the South African water sector and eagerly await project kick-off. Return soon to see how these projects progress.

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