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MBI National Report Launch – Measure, Analyse, Review, Adjust, Repeat!

The new National Municipal Benchmarking Initiative (MBI) Report was launched at a prestigious event at Emperors Palace, Kempton Park on 4th March 2016. Close to 300 delegates attended including representatives from key water sector stakeholders such as Local, District and Metropolitan Municipalities, Water Boards, SALGA, WRC, Department of Water and Sanitation, National Treasury, Department of Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs, Development Bank of Southern Africa, Private institutions (companies), other government departments, donors, NGOs and universities. A lunch session followed the event to allow for further opportunity for networking.

Emanti lead the development of the National MNI Report on behalf of the MBI team. The report has been structured to be easy to read, simple to understand, yet be very informative. The main objectives of the report are to showcase achievements, and encourage and assist those who are not yet part of MBI to participate. Highlights of the MBI National Report include: (1) Messages of support and encouragement by key project sponsors, (2) summary of peer based Process Benchmarking initiatives, (3) Insights shared by MBI Ambassadors and Leading Practitioners, and quotes from peer group interactions, (4) Performance Indicators (PIs) for each of the Six MBI modules, (5) Indication of key national challenges/priorities for each of the modules, (6) Tips and Hints to motivate participation and facilitate improved understanding, (7) Insights provided by Metros during Cities Working Groups and other peer group interactions, (8) Highlighting key developments within the water sector (i.e. things to take note of), and (9) the Water Services League.

Munibench was pre-populated with data drawn from 3rd parties, and a draft MBI Scorecard was generated for every Water services Authority (all 152). These draft scorecards allowed municipalities the opportunity to view their performance versus peers, and correct data issues (i.e. incorrect data, no data). The project team then checked/verified/finalised data submitted for publication in the national report. A total of 37 PIs were generated for the new National MBI Report.

The re-launched SALGA/WRC MBI has been assisting municipalities with performance measurement and improvement since 2011, with the establishment of a support network of peers and dedicated professionals where municipalities can share common experiences, achievements and challenges in a manner that enables improved performance. The success of the MBI is dependent on your interest, commitment and involvement. If you are not yet part of the MBI, we encourage you to contact us and get involved. There is nothing to lose and much to gain!

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