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Emanti team intensifies WSA training and support

As part of the national Department of Water Affairs’ “Ensuring the Sustainable use of eWQMS for WSAs”  project, the eWQMS provincial team leaders have increased their support in assisting municipalities in the improved use of the eWQMS and raising awareness of the various WSA oriented tools located on eWQMS, namely:

eMWAP ; the electronic mobile water application
MuSSA; Municipal Strategic Self Assessment of Water Services
Water Safety Plan
Waste Stabilization Pond Tool
OIT; Operational Information Tool
Small System Assessment Tool
SSAT; Supply System Assessment Tool
Water Services Infrastructure Vulnerability & Risk Assessment Tool
Information Technology Needs Assessment Tool
Minimum Compliant Drinking Water Quality Management Programme Tool
In addition the team is also facilitating much needed support to the WSA’s for Blue Drop completion for their impending confirmation dates which will take place between January and March. This has assisted in the improved alignment between the BDS and eWQMS as well as addressing the challenges that the WSA is facing.

Should a WSA require assistance with the different systems and any of the eWQMS based municipal water management tools, please contact

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