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Emanti Management is a proud and active national partner of World Water Monitoring Day. World Water Monitoring Day is an “international education and outreach programme” (WEF and IWA main coordinators). The main idea around WWMD is to build a greater public awareness and involving communities to conduct basic water monitoring of their water resources which affects their immediate surroundings.  WWMD is officially celebrated on September the 18th, but one is encourage to participate anytime between 22nd March and 31st December.


How does one take part?

  1. Choose a site which you want to monitor. This can be any river, stream or other waterbody nearby you.
  2. Have your monitoring equipment ready.  One can make use of the easy-to-use test kit from WWMD or use your own equipment.
  3. Monitor your site with family, friends your school or community.
  4. Submit your data/results via the World Water Monitoring Day website.

The easy-to-use test kit
The easy-to-use test kit (WWMD test kit) tests for temperature, pH, turbidity and dissolved oxygen. To acquire one of these easy-to-use test kit, contact the Emanti Team!

Where have we been?

  • Cloetesville High School 
  • Stellenbosch High School 
  • Kayamandi High School 
  • Bloemhof High School 
  • Bridgehouse and Simondium (together with the Young Water Professionals) 
  • Somerset College 
  • Masi Library, Masiphumelele 
  • Anna Foundation, Franschhoek

Do you want to be part of this initiative?
Do you/your school/community want to be part of this great initiative? Contact our WWMD team at Emanti, your national WWMD partner, and let us plan your event from A to Z!

Emanti will:

  • Provide you with all necessary equipment; this includes the easy-to-use test kit.
  • Register your site for you on the WWMD website
  • Assist you to monitor your site
  • Report your data on the WWMD website
For more information, visit the official WWMD website at


How much water does it take to...
To grow one kilogram of wheat needs 1300 litres of water - The Water Wheel September/October 2010
How much water does it take to...
To produce one litre of milk requires 1000 litres of water - The Water Wheel Sept/Oct 2010
What's on your mind?
Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much - Helen Keller
How much water does it take to...
One kilogram of maize requires 900 litres of water - The Water Wheel Sept/Oct 2010
What's on your mind?
"Izandla ziyagenzana - People depend on one another, just like the mutual interdependence in the act of hand washing" Zulu parable
What's on your mind?
"Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships" Michael Jordan
Your Water Footprint
Close the tap when shaving or brushing your teeth. You can save up to 45 liters of water!
What's on your mind?
"Ubukulu abubangwa - A man is judged by his actions, not his boasting" Xhosa saying
What's on your mind?
"Action is the foundational key to all success" Pablo Picasso
How much water does it take to...
It takes 4650 litres of water for one steak (300g) - The Water Wheel Sept/Oct 2010
How much water does it take to...
More than 140 litres of water goes into every cup of coffee - The Water Wheel September/October 2010
A dripping tap can waste up to 30 liters of water an hour, wasting 10 000 liters of water per year!

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