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The Water Cycle – promoting WWMD

The Emanti Team got their hands and feet wet (yet again) together with other “South African Young Water Professionals” at two schools in the Franshhoek area participating in World Water Monitoring Day.

This WWMD initiative was organized by “The Water Cycle” where “Young Water Professionals” in different fields (including Emanti Managment) made the scholars aware of their precious water resources in their surroundings and the importance of protecting them. The participating scholars were from Bridgehouse School and Simondium Primary. Scholars worked in groups, each with their own easy-to-use WWMD test kit, doing various water tests and reporting the data. Each group had a mentor assisting them and educating them further about water resources, water quality and the various of different tests that they conducted with their easy-to-use test kit.

The scholars walked away smiling (nothing like sun and water) and more knowledgably about their water sources and the quality thereof.

Do you want to be part of WWMD? Contact the Emanti Team, and we will plan your event for your school or community.

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